We're ready for you!

Dear guests,

We are happy to inform you that our residence is ready to start again with the summer season!

Surely there will be some changes, due to the sad situation of the last period, but our valley is absolutely the same as always, indeed if possible even more beautiful, thanks to the long forced rest, which has awakened nature giving it new spaces. So don’t worry!

We are organizing ourselves in order to guarantee you the best and safe stay, in compliance with ministerial and regional directives: we have equipped ourselves with machinery for the sanitization of asbestos, Dpi for the staff and we have studied new organizations so that everything can be carried out in maximum safety.

Working together we are sure that the holidays will be regenerating and exciting as always!

The mountain is the ideal environment to naturally encourage social distancing and to ward off the nightmare of city overcrowding.

We look forward to celebrating together with you the end of this difficult period of strict isolation, see you soon!!

Edelweiss Team